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Här färginformation uppsnappat från den internationella diskussionslistan för GT750 :


The numbers I gave are from a "Suzuki Document" which was issued to All

Suzuki Dealers in Australia to assist them in identification of ALL suzuki

motor cycles from 1969 to 1998.

In my humble opinion there is no such things as different numbers for

different countries. They all came from Japan.

Sure batches of bikes were sent to different areas, and later on there

certainly were slight differences in cosmetics.

Some colours were just not sent to some countries. Also some dealers in an

effort to sell did change the colours. I worked for a suzuki dealer (part

time) in 1972, 1973. & yes some specials were re-painted.

Also things like red coloured rear indicator lenses are illegal in

Australia, so all ours came with the Yellow lenses.

Suzuki in some of their parts manuals had the variations documented

Australia was designated E24

They also had optional fittments, these were not a vast array such as say

Harley do now. Things like a flat handlebar setup with shorter cables, a

crash bar system, a beaut little rack, a stone guard for the "J" & "K",

steering damper set. You could even get a tire pump.

The full colour range from the factory according to all my literature was

J candy jackel blue 99000-10205-195 white

candy lavender 99000-10205-216 white

candy yellow ochre 99000-10205-253 white

K candy gold-4 99000-10205-288 white, green

pearl blue 99000-10205-707 white, red

L flake blue 99000-10405-761 silver

flake orange 99000-10405-762 black

M jewel grey metallic 99000-10205-00A silver tape

candy gypsy red-3 99000-10205-00J silver tape

candy gold - 4 99000-10205-288 black tape

Radiator cover was gloss black with all M's

A candy gold-4 99000-10205-288 silver & black tape

flake orange-2 99000-10405-01A silver & black tape

maui blue metallic 99000-10205-797 gold & black

jewel grey metallic 99000-10205-00A silver & black Not Sure about this

one ??????

candy gypsy red-3 99000-10205-00J gold & black

The "A" stripes are open at the front of the tank - ie not joined

The fuel cap cover was gloss black

B Gloss Black 99000-10205-019 gold & sky blue tape

Maui metallic blue 99000-10205-797 gold & cerillian blue tape

Candy Gyspy red-3 99000-10205-00J gold & orange tape

The "B" stripes are joined at the front of the tank

The side covers were all semi gloss black colour code - 291

The other thing that can be confusing is the year. The years quoted are the

suzuki designated years. In Australia all bikes have to be compliance

plated and the year of plating is usually the date that is stamped.

Compliance plated did not come into force in Australia until 1976.

So if a bike arrived say November/December in the middle of a dock strike

it may not have been complianced til the next year.

This seems to be the case in Australia anyway. If anyone knows any

different please let me know.

I am about 1/3rd of the way to the complete restoration of one of each

model. My life's ambition. My wife thinks I'm sick.

I have completed a "K", the hardest to do due to the large number of parts

unique to this model.

Half way thru a "J", this is being done with mostly new cosmetic parts,

taking me a long time and costing a fortune- the end result will be worth


and 1/3rd of the way thru an "A"

I have 16 GT750's more than one of each model. So if anyone needs any help

with working out which bit belongs to what bike then I may be able to help.

With so many bikes and engines it is easier for me to see the many subtle


Like some crankcases have a tube rising from the case for the breather and

some have the breather tube cast into the oil pump cover. Thus the two must

be matched.

There are two different sorts of air cleaner covers, visually they are the

same when on the bike but they mount differently as Gunnar found out.

Any way I hope that this helps


Steve Australia

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Hope the below info helps

1971 T500R starts at frame number T500-30846

1972 T500J T500-46463

1973 T500K T500-59779

1974 T500L T500-68083

1975 T500M T500-74162

1976 GT500A T500-90729

1977 GT500B T500-104422


Steve (australia)


Gee those are the same numbers that I have in the USA. Still can't figure

out why some seem to think that other country's have their own set of



Orlando, Fla.

Real southerner's don't brag about our winter weather. Nor do they complain

about the other 10 months of hot ass humid miserable weather.

Fortfarande saknas det modeller i listan, Om ni har ytterligare uppgifter, skriv en rad till Redaktören !

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Her produseres lakk til mange merker av classiske mc: http://www.motorradlack.de/produktubersicht/

Du kan kjøpe den på Ebay og få den sendt rett hjem. Sett med flasker på 0,375l holder akkurat til tank + deksler.

Store sykler med stor tank+deksler+hekk, for eksempel GS1000G, anbefaler jeg dobbelt sett.

Eller bestille hos et firma i Bergen som er forhandler: http://www.mcmarine.no/

Et annet sted, i England med samme tilbud, sender overalt:


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